Grass Root Goals is dedicated to providing the absolute best the amateur game has to offer. All the goals, tackles, banter and gaffes in one place for your viewing pleasure. Who wants to see the 20th angle of Lionel Messi’s most recent hatty or a different view of Wayne Rooney’s 5 yard tap-in when you can watch Steve from your Sunday League team bury one from 40 yards. We here at GRG play amateur football and we know that incidents both sublime and ridiculous happen on a weekly basis. We’ve all seen our centre back inexplicably rifle into his own top corner with no pressure whatsoever. Equally we’ve seen goals that would give our professional counterparts a run for their money in the Puskas Award stakes.

More than that, we know how important our weekend football is to our lives. Imagine being able to prove to everyone that you did really hammer home a free-kick or your mate did really miss an open goal from one yard. That’s what we’re all about, showcasing the real beautiful game on a weekly basis.

We want your Grass Root Goals as well as all the best bits from your games at the weekend. Send them to us and we can make you a Grass Root Goals LEGEND!



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